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We recently spent an afternoon chatting with Brooklyn based lifestyle blogger Lindsay Mueller. Lindsay write's the blog WELL / AWARE and now hosts the podcast WELL / AWARE SHOW. As she says, she's fascinated by the metaphysical space where body meets the mind. Her blog and her podcast are dedicated to sharing stories based on a balanced lifestyle, practicing wellness and living sustainably, inside and out. Listen to WELL / AWARE SHOW 007 to hear Lindsay and I chat about farm to closet fashion and sustainable living.


BY: Marissa Thieriot DATE: 04/08/2015


It shouldn't be necessary to clean your Tempest + Bentley sweaters often, still it is important to care for them properly when the time comes. We recommend that you take your sweater to an environmentally friendly dry cleaner or hand wash your sweaters. All fibers have unique care needs and we've put together our tips for caring for and protecting your wool sweaters.


Tempest + Bentley knitwear is made of the highest quality natural yarns, and require's special care when cleaning. To be sure your sweaters maintain their integrity, please follow these care guidelines.


  1. Fill your basin with cool water. Add mild soap, preferably an eco-friendly variety. We recommend Planet Delicate Laundry Wash
  1. Place sweater in the water and swirl gently for about 8 minutes. For more heavily soiled spots, gently blot with a soft cloth and try not to rub.
  1. Drain and rinse sweater in cool water. Gently press the sweater to remove excess water, being careful not to wring or twist.
  1. Spread sweater flat on a thick, dry towel. Roll the sweater up in the towel like you would with a yoga mat, to squeeze out excess water. Don't twist or wring. 
  1. Unroll and lay sweater on a dry towel. Reshape and lay flat to dry, away from sunlight or direct heat. After 12 to 24 hours, turn sweater over and spread out on a fresh dry towel. Reshape more if needed.
  1. Once completely dry, your sweater should be ready to wear. 


It's best to make sure your sweaters are clean before you store them, as moths and other pests feed off sweat and stains. You also don't want stains and odors to set in. Sometimes you can simply air a sweater out by placing it in or near fresh air, to get rid of odors. Always fold your sweaters. You don't want them to stretch out of shape from hanging. Also, make sure they're stored out of direct sunlight.


All natural fibers pill. Remove any pilling with a sweater shaver when necessary. Avoid too much pressure when using a sweater shaver, to avoid creating a hole.

Read more about Tempest + Bentley knitwear care tips from health, wellness and sustainable living blogger Lindsay Mueller of WELL / AWARE for UPPERLYNE.


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BY: Marissa Thieriot DATE: 01/07/2015


I was about eight years into my professional career when I started to reconsider my life aspirations. I began to think about leaving my corporate apparel design job to launch a sweater line. It was the beginning of an idea and it would be some time before my fully matured vision for Tempest + Bentley materialized.

It took me a few more years to leave my reliable job to explore new ambitions. It was during my stint in furniture restoration that I was surprised and side tracked by the first of two very different sources of inspiration. Both would allow me the time to develop my design and style vision and more importantly, both would ultimately influence the social, economic and environmental ethics of Tempest + Bentley.

The first opportunity to present itself was an unexpected offer to work in fashion technology. It was a chance to see for myself what this Silicon Valley start-up tech world was really about. It was also an opportunity to learn more about e-commerce and how technology was changing the way people shop. I researched and reviewed thousands of online lifestyle retail brands while I worked in tech and for some time it was fun to have a job where I was expected to window shop while I worked.

Four years into my tech education and new fashion technology career a second new source of inspiration came into my life. I was working at Google, when I fell in love with my now husband and stepson. Entertained by my work and preoccupied with my new family, I was now also constantly and more deeply being exposed to the world of ethical farming and the slow food movement. I had always considered myself to be a mindful shopper and eater, but there was a lot about food production I didn’t know. My husband’s work in sustainable farming and nature conservancy, made this world more directly accessible to me. On their farm and in their business, high-quality and ethical production practices outweighed quantity, cheap production and high margins.

During this time I started to think more about where everything I was buying was coming from and how it was made, outside of just food. Many of the brands and products I thought I needed and loved, didn’t seem as necessary or great as they had before. I started to read up on the facts around the ethics of the fashion industry and learned that apparel manufacturers are some of the biggest contributors to waste and water pollution in the world. Knowing where, why and how something is made became integral for me to stand behind a product.

Today I make buying decisions across all aspects of my and my family’s life with a more conscious approach. It is very challenging to find products and brands that are ethical and high quality and I’m not always successful in making sustainable purchases. However, when it came time to create the Tempest + Bentley sweater collection, I knew I couldn’t be a part of a new brand that wasn’t as responsible and sustainable as my personal ethics had become. Read about Tempest + Bentley’s commitment to sustainability here.

I’m happy and proud to share today, the news of the success of the efforts of many talented people in the launch of Tempest + Bentley. Thank you friends, family and supporters. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Tempest + Bentley and the sustainable fashion movement.