Marissa Goodman Thieriot is a distinguished figure in the fashion industry, celebrated for her innovative approach to knitwear design. As the founder of Tempest + Bentley, a luxury sweater collection that beautifully marries heritage-inspired aesthetics with contemporary flair, Marissa has set a new standard for sustainable fashion.

Her brand is particularly noted for its commitment to using natural, American-sourced yarns and adhering to eco-friendly production methods. Every piece in her collection is not only a testament to skilled craftsmanship but also to an ethical ethos that respects and cherishes natural resources.

Marissa’s journey into fashion design was fueled by her appreciation for the iconic cable knit sweater and her frustration with the lack of options that were both stylish and sustainable. After spending over a decade mastering the intricacies of knitwear design at prestigious companies including Esprit, Gap, and Levi’s, Marissa was ready to forge her own path.

The influence of her husband Charlie’s family, who were deeply involved in the sustainable food movement, was pivotal. It inspired her to integrate similar values of sustainability and ethics into her own work. Thus, Tempest + Bentley was born, named affectionately after her grandmothers, embodying a legacy of elegance and conscientious design.

Marissa Goodman
Marissa Goodman

In 2024, Marissa expanded her creative repertoire by venturing into the world of blogging, where she began writing detailed, informative reviews and analyses of personal products. This new platform has allowed her to apply her sharp eye for quality and her commitment to sustainability to a wider range of products, beyond just fashion.

Her blog serves as a bridge connecting her design philosophy with everyday items, offering her audience insights into how products are made, their environmental impact, and their overall quality.

Marissa’s blog covers an eclectic array of items, from household goods to personal care products, all scrutinized through the lens of sustainability and ethical production. Her reviews are rich in detail, providing not only her firsthand experiences with the products but also an analysis of their composition, sourcing, and manufacturing processes.

Through her blog, Marissa aims to educate her readers about the significance of making informed, responsible choices that align with their values, encouraging a more thoughtful consumption pattern.

This expansion into blogging reflects Marissa’s evolution as a designer and thinker in the modern age. It showcases her dedication to transparency and her desire to influence the broader consumer market to adopt more sustainable practices.

With every post, Marissa continues to inspire and challenge her audience, driving forward the conversation about ethical consumerism in a way that is both informative and engaging.

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Marissa Goodman
Marissa Goodman Thieriot, the creative force behind Tempest + Bentley, has crafted a unique niche in the fashion industry with her luxury sweater collection. Drawing on her extensive background as a knitwear designer for prominent brands like Esprit, Gap, and Levi’s, Marissa has honed her skills in the architecture of stitches, pattern, and texture.

Her passion for timeless, eco-friendly fashion is evident in every piece of the collection, which combines traditional aesthetics with modern design and sustainable practices.

Starting in 2024, Marissa has embarked on a new venture, extending her design philosophy to the realm of personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews through an informative blog.

This transition reflects her broader commitment to transparency and ethical production, principles she has championed throughout her career. Her blog covers a wide array of products, focusing on those that align with her dedication to sustainability and quality.

Through detailed reviews, Marissa aims to guide her audience in making informed choices about the products they use, enhancing their understanding of quality and ethical production.
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