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Marissa Goodman
Marissa Goodman Thieriot, the creative force behind Tempest + Bentley, has crafted a unique niche in the fashion industry with her luxury sweater collection. Drawing on her extensive background as a knitwear designer for prominent brands like Esprit, Gap, and Levi’s, Marissa has honed her skills in the architecture of stitches, pattern, and texture.

Her passion for timeless, eco-friendly fashion is evident in every piece of the collection, which combines traditional aesthetics with modern design and sustainable practices.

Starting in 2024, Marissa has embarked on a new venture, extending her design philosophy to the realm of personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews through an informative blog.

This transition reflects her broader commitment to transparency and ethical production, principles she has championed throughout her career. Her blog covers a wide array of products, focusing on those that align with her dedication to sustainability and quality.

Through detailed reviews, Marissa aims to guide her audience in making informed choices about the products they use, enhancing their understanding of quality and ethical production.
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